Forensic Document Recognition (FDR) Training 

Courses are online, interactive, and taken at your convenience. The FDR curriculum is used in DMVs and Law Enforcement agencies throughout North America, with content provided directly by state and federal document issuers.


FDR Training for ITIN CAAs is mandatory forensic document training for Certified Acceptance & other Agents.


FDR Training for Professionals prepares you to authenticate documents, identify questionable behavior, and recognize potential imposters. 

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FDR Training for ITIN CAAs

These courses can be taken at any time

IRS-approved, interactive, online training


● 7 CPE credit and non-CPE versions

Downloadable Job Aids

Multiple exam attempts permitted

Expedited certificate delivery is available

Approx. 7 hours in length

FDR Training for Professionals



Recommended for retail, banking, accounting,

law enforcement, and others

NOT participating in the IRS ITIN program

● 7 CPE credit and non-CPE versions

● Downloadable Job Aids

● Multiple exam attempts permitted

● Authentication of over 12 document categories

● Counterfeit, Alteration & Imposter detection

● Approx. 7 hours in length