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Clients and Testimonials best irs-approved forensic training for ITIN CAAs

Big Ten Accounting Firms

Top Tax Preparers

Accounting Firms from over 36 Countries

Tax Attorneys

Colleges and Universities

Financial Advisors


Private Investigators

Contract Border Control

Charitable Foundations

Security Technology Providers

Business Advisors and Counselors

Certified Security Managers

Corporate Human Capital Managers  

Next time I need any training, you will be my first choice!"

- President of eastcoast tax service


​"I am in the process of doing the Forensic Training with  This is my second year using their, so good." 

- Judy Kelly CEO J.Kelly & Associates PC


“ I received my certification letter (certifcate) yesterday. I appreciate your quick and polite procedure."

- Tax Professional, Japan


​"Wow, you are taking care of business. Good job! I’ll be recommending the course to dozens of others."

- International Income Tax Professional


"This is not a company that threw together training just for is involved in many aspects of FDR training and research. I found e-idtraining well-organized and thorough. After completing the course, I received the certificates in the mail in less than a week."

- Owner/ Tax Preparer and Advisor 


"The Training was so good. I really enjoyed getting the information your courses gave to me."



“The number of fake/counterfeit documents caught on the front lines immediately went up.” 

– Kentucky DOT

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